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Back To School Spanish books for children

Back to School: Español

So here’s the third in our series of recommendations for the Back To School season. This time we’re showcasing our beautiful Spanish books. All are available at The Bilingual Bookshop www.thebilingualbookshop.com.

Don’t forget if you’re not sure you can email us for advice – we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of reading development and language learning. Our email is info@thebilingualbookshop.com .

Here are our top Spanish books for the Back To School season at The Bilingual Bookshop.

Decubre las hormigas: Perfect for little scientists. Discover the world of ants: their work, their homes, their families…Lots of information in small sections meaning it’s easy to read a bit at a time. Bright, attractive illustrations guide the reader to support reading.

Disfruta con las fábulas: Encourages children to reflect on the meanings of well known fables with activities, crafts and fun facts.

Egipto: A true adventure back in time for little historians. Discover the world of Ancient Egypt through games, puzzles, facts and more. Pop ups and interactive features will entertain your kids for hours. Lots of information for more mature readers, well organised into small sections so nothing is overwhelming.

Nos divertimos con la ciencia: A collection of simple experiments that even the smallest scientist can do at home, using everyday objects. Beautifully presented – make langauge-learning practical for your kids and you’re onto a winner!

Aprende el abecedario con el ratoncillo sabio: Learn the letters and sounds of the Spanish alphabet presented beautifully in this vocabulary builder for small children. Learn the vocabulary, then spot the objects in the gorgeous illustrations.

Aprende a dibujar: Step by step, this books shows you how to create brilliant drawings! With simple instructions alongside pictures to demonstrate, your child will be amazed at the drawing skills they develop in such a short time!

Mi primer día de escuela: A supportive read for those starting school. Read about a typical day at school – subjects, friends, playtime… followed by a section of activities and a guide for parents. The perfect support for your child this September.

Atlas escolar primaria: Equip your child with this staple component to their bilingual bookshelf. Jam-packed with maps and facts for your child to discover the world around them, this atlas is an excellent quality resource to keep in your home for years to come!

Números: A lovely little book full of activities and games for primary children illustrated in the author’s unique style. Complete with stickers. Why not buy the set: Letras, Números and Animales?

¿Jugamos a ser maestra? A wonderful playset for those who love playing schools. With lots of cut-out pieces, your child will be able to set up their classroom and learn a language through play – the best way to learn!

Why not head over to The Bilingual Bookshop to plan YOUR child’s collection now?

Back To School French Books

Back To School: FRANCAIS

So it seems everyone is in ‘Back To School’ mode, with the shops full of uniforms, stationery, lunchboxes and more for those of us who need to get organised for the return to the school routine.

So why not take the time to organise your child’s bilingual bookshelf for the year ahead too – with fresh titles and new topics to inspire and excite them, and to support them on a new leg of their bilingual journey.

With over a decade of experience in education and language development, The Bilingual Bookshop selects beautiful books and games specifically to meet the needs of children being raised with two languages at home or at school.

Here are our recommendations for French books to kick-start the Back To School season, and your child’s language development this year:

L’histoire de France:  A journey back in time with text organised into short sections. Perfect for more mature readers, for younger readers reading a bit at a time, or for sharing with you for some bicultural learning.

Ça grouille de grenouilles ! An excellent book that forms part of the highly respected J’aime Lire series or graded readers.

L’Abécédaire de Petit Ours Brun A great introduction to vocabulary and the alphabet and to the French handwriting style. Perfect for developing your little one’s vocabulary skills.

Le doudou de Stella: Les Loulous de la Creche. Great for those starting school or nursery – join Stella and her family and friends to make the transition easier.

Ça, je connais ! A truly beautiful book jam-packed with bold, bright pictures and corresponding vocabulary, organised with one theme to a page (food / clothes / animals etc) Perfect for older children learning French for the first time, or for parents wanting to join in with their child’s learning at school.

Les insectes de mon jardin Great for little scientists – learn more about what’s in your back garden with beautiful photos, short snippets of well organised text and bold headings to guide your child through the information. For older children with limited language skills as well as younger bilingual children.

Comment ça marche ? – Le corps Another beautifully presented book – full of fun facts well organised to ensure children can follow – pictures illustrate the information. Perfect for dipping into a bit at a time independently, or sharing with you to inspire discussion and further language learning

100% Labo Little scientists out there will be enthralled by the amazing things they can do with the help of this activity book. The instructions are short and clear, with pictures to aid understanding. The experiments use household objects and cover all aspects of science – the body, water, plants and animals…Perfect to inspire!

Si je donne ma langue au chat, est-ce qu’il me la rendra ? A lovely collection of poems to help children to play with words and reflect on the joys of language. Great for bedtime, for encouraging good pronunciation and for general language discovery!

All our wonderful books and more can be found at www.thebilingualbookshop.com – why not take a look now?






Back To School: Deutsch

So in yesterday’s Back To School article we recommended a selection of books perfect for the return to school in September. Whether you want to prepare your child for a new school or nursery, or to brush up on school work over the holidays, we can point you in the right direction.

We have so many gorgeous books perfect for the Back To School season, so we’ve broken it down into languages. Today we are showcasing our German selection. Read on to find links to the books at The Bilingual Bookshop, and don’t forget you can always email us at info@thebilingualbookshop.com for advice on suitable foreign-language books for YOUR child, based on YOUR family’s bilingual setup:

Experimentierspaß für kleine Forscher: Jam packed with fun experiments to inspire their curious minds!

Der große Ravensburger Weltatlas: Open up the world to your child with this beautiful atlas. It’s big and it’s beautiful, with text organised into small sections making it accessible to all primary children.

Denkrätsel Mathe & Deutsch: Perfect for keeping those little minds busy over the holidays, or to support their schoolwork at home come September.

Ein Drache im Klassenzimmer: A popular title in the excellent Leserabe series for beginner readers.

Das große Vorschulbuch:  A variety of activities and puzzles – your child won’t even realise they are learning!

Mein erster großer KITA-Tag: A perfect book to gently prepare your child for starting nursery.

Das hab ich selbst gemacht: Get arty with the kids with this wonderful collection of art projects. Photos help to guide you through the text.

Why not head on over to The Bilingual Bookshop now to create your child’s bilingual bookshelf now!