Bilingual Family Profiles

Bilingual Family Profiles

The Bilingual Bookshop is lucky to have profiled a number of families who are raising their children with two or more languages. We say lucky, because these families have provided inspiration and invaluable advice to our community over the past couple of years. The families have a variety of approaches to bilingualism, and discuss a number of aspects of family life with two languages.

The best thing about these family profiles? They provide a great example for us all to follow, by proving that, whichever approach you choose, be it OPOL, MLAH or a unique approach that simply adapts to your family’s bilingual setup, raising children with two languages IS possible.

Although the profiles are already published on this blog, we wanted to group them together under one post so they can be found easily. Do send us your thoughts and let us know if you have similar experiences by commenting!

Introducing The Fisher Family

Introducing The Sandammeer Family

Introducing The Gates Family

Introducing The Mehta Family

Introducing The Shortman Family



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