Fiona Barry’s Top Tips For Talking

Speech and Language Therapist, Fiona Barry, from Talking Tips for Kids shares her 5 top tips for parents to help boost their child’s talking skills. Of course  – these tips are helpful for all children – not just those lucky enough to be raised as bilingual! Take a look at the video link to explain these tips in a little more detail:

1. Tune In

Your child needs you to get down onto their level and really focus on how they’re communicating with you. Spend time playing together and follow their lead – this means letting them play how they want to and waiting to be invited into the play – rather than you taking over!

2. Speak Up

Once you’ve tuned into your child’s way of communicating add words and sentences into the play so they can learn this from you. Make comments about what your child is doing and try to avoid asking lots of questions. Find time to talk during the day wherever and whenever you can.

3. Love Books, Love Learning

Make book sharing part of your everyday routine – books don’t need to be just for bedtime. All the current research tells us that parents need to nurture a love of reading in their children so that they grow up to become good readers and writers. Sharing books is a great way to boost your child’s language skills.

4. Songs For Today, Words For Life

Sharing songs and rhymes with your child even from birth really paves the way for good foundations in reading, writing and talking skills. Songs are perfect for teaching new words and concepts because they have a predictable and rhythmic structure which make them easy for children to join in with. They’re also a great way to soothe a tired or angry little one!

5. Listening Comes First

Children need good attention and listening skills so that they can tune into the language around them and learn to be good conversation partners. It’s not all about the talking! Be a good role model and listen to your child – this will help them understand what being a ‘good listener’ is all about. Remember – good listening skills are essential for classroom readiness.

Find out more about Fiona, and hear more of her Talking Tips for Kids, on her website,

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